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Classic Fresnel lenses once exhibited in lighthouses in the 1800's are now part of our history.  Some lenses still exist in the towers, many are on display in museums.  These lenses are not only engineering marvels but also works of art.  Many approaching 150 years old, have stood the test of time, but still in need of repair, with missing or damaged prisms.

Artworks Florida manufactures reproduction prisms, available in acrylic or glass.  Acrylic prisms are cast with integral color to match the historic green hue of the classic Fresnel lens.  Glass prisms are manufactured with a similar process as the historic lenses, by slumping, grinding and polishing. 

Point Arena Lighthouse Museum - California

1st order reproduction prism for the Point Arena restoration The middle prism is one of the original glass segments

The two outside prisms are the color matched acrylic prisms 

Setting the reproduction prisms into the framework 

Lampists Jim Woodward, Kurt Fosburg, and Jim Dunlap installed the reproduction prisms  and completed the restoration of the Point Arena  1st order lens

Coast Guard Light Station - Maine

Before and after views of a Coast Guard restored lens on display at one of their offices in Maine

Acrylic color matched lenses and prisms were used to complete the restoration

Stony Point Lighthouse Museum - New York

These two bulls-eye lenses were manufactured for the restoration of the 4th order flashing lens at the Stony Point Lighthouse Museum.  The restoration was performed by lampist Jim Dunlap

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