Henry Lepaute 5th Order Reproduction Lens
SG 5th Order Lens00_9-1-2020.JPG
SG 5th Order Lens01_9-1-2020.JPG
SG 5th Order Lens04_9-1-2020.JPG
SG 5th Order Lens02_9-1-2020.JPG
"The Lighthouse" by Robert Eggers
3rd Order Rotating Lens
The Lighthouse Movie Poster01.jpg
The Lighthouse Movie Lens_Promotion02_no
The Lighthouse Movie Clip00.jpg
The Lighthouse Movie Lens on Set_with le
The Lighthouse Movie Lens_Promotion01_no
6th Order Fixed/Flashing Lens
6th Order Fixed/Flashing Lens
6th Order Fixed/Flasing Lens
6th Order Fixed/Flashing Lens
6th Order Fixed/Flashing Lens
St. Marks Lighthouse, Florida
4th Order Fixed Lens
St Mark Aerial01.jpg
St Marks Lens Installation03_7-12-2019.J
St Marks Lens Installation05_7-12-2019.j
St Mark Aerial02.jpg
Cedar Key Lighthouse, Florida
4th Order Fixed/Flashing Lens
Cedar Key Lens Install02.jpg
Cedar Key Lens Install17.jpg
Cedar Key Lens Install12.jpg
Cedar Key Lens Install07.jpg
Pensacola Lighthouse Museum, Florida
Clockwork Mechanism Exhibit
Gasparilla Island Lighthouse, Florida
4th Order Fixed Lens
Gasparilla Lens Install05a.jpg
Gasparilla Lens Aerial07a.jpg
Gasparilla Lens Install01.JPG
Gasparilla Lens Aerial03a.jpg
Harbour Group, St. Louis, Missouri
Fresnel Lobby Wall
Harbour Group Wall02.JPG
Harbour Group Wall05.JPG
Harbour Group Wall10.JPG
Harbour Group Wall09.JPG
 Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Michigan
6th Order Fixed/Flashing Lens
6th Order Fixed Flashing01.jpg
6th Order Fixed Flashing02.jpg
6th Order Fixed Flashing03.jpg
Shipwreck Museum Crew and Lens.jpg
 Port Clinton Lighthouse, Ohio
5th Order Fixed Lens
Vermilion Lighthouse, Ohio
5th Order Fixed Lens
 St. George Island Lighthouse, Florida
3rd Order Fixed Lens
 Buffalo Lighthouse, New York
3rd Order Fixed Lens
 Harbor Beach Lighthouse, Michigan
4th Order Rotating Lens
Round Island Lighthouse, Mississippi
4th Order Fixed Lens
Tarrytown Lighthouse, New York
4th Order Rotating Lens
Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse, New York
4th Order Fixed Lens
Sand Point Lighthouse, Michigan
4th Order Fixed Lens
Rose Island Lighthouse, Rhode Island
6th Order Fixed Lens

Anclote Key Lighthouse, Florida

4th Order Rotating Lens

Pottowatomie Lighthouse, Wisconsin

4th Order Fixed Lens

Port Washington Lighthouse, Wisconsin

4th Order Fixed Lens

Kemah Watertower Lighthouse, Texas

3rd Order Rotating Lens

Crooked River Lighthouse, Florida

4th Order Bi-valve Lens

South Manitou Lighthouse, Michigan

3rd Order Fixed Lens