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Fresnel lens replicas are manufactured by importing CAD drawings and 3D computer models to generate files for machining, and waterjet cutting.

The prisms are manufactured from acrylic PMMA, one of the best materials, with 92 percent light transmission, better than glass.  The prisms are tinted to match the greenish hue apparent in the historic Fresnel lens prisms.  Acrylic is also one of the best UV stable materials holding up to sunlight and harsh costal environments.

Glass prisms are also available on full reproduction lenses or individual prisms used for restoration purposes
The prisms are manufactured with the same slumping, grinding and polishing process as historic prisms manufactured in the 1800's

3D Design and Modeling

3D design and computer modeling is performed on each lens assembly to check for fit and function,

ensuring the accuracy of each lens component, and aid in the manufacturing process.

Frame Manufacturing and Assembly

Navel brass is used to hold up to harsh coastal environments.  The frames are water jet cut and machined according to the computer model, sanded and polished to a mirror finish.  The optical elements are set and glazed into the brass framework

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