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Fresnel Lens Reproduction and Restoration​

Reproduction -

Artworks Florida custom designs and manufactures historic reproduction Fresnel lenses that were used to illuminate lighthouses in the 1800's

Restoration -

Artworks Florida designs and manufactures custom lens components used in the restoration of original classic Fresnel lenses

Dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of Historic Fresnel Lenses

Artworks Florida was established in 1992 to aid in the restoration of the 1st order classic Fresnel lens in the St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida.  The lens was vandalized a few years earlier and the Coast Guard was scheduled to dismantle and remove the lens from the tower.  The Junior Service League of St. Augustine promised to raise the funds and find a way to restore the lens if they would be allowed to keep their historic lens in the tower.  The lens was successfully restored and re-lit one year later.

The following years Artworks Florida was involved in the restoration of several classic Fresnel lens at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, and numerous other Fresnel lens restorations around the country.

In 2003 the design and production of full scale reproduction lenses began.  These lenses are used as interpretive exhibits in museums, and used as private aids to navigation in many lighthouses around the country.

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